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Black Flag *232


The Winter 2010 issue of the ever developing and more and more colourful anarchist magazine!

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Expose, A US citizen exposes the ever-changing landscape for getting visas and the games played with people’s lives by politicians grubbing for votes
Cover story: Ed Goddard pulls on the links between traditional trade unionism and the state – do union bureaucracies deliberately dampen militancy?
Analysis: A journalist who has worked the Somali coast gives a different view on ‘progressive’ piracy in the Indian Ocean
Reportage: Joe Hell looks at the latest action in a wave of desperate measures by cleaning staff
In Focus: The Anarchist Federation on cuts
Breathing Utopia: A former international development worker explains the industry and why it shouldn’t exist
Interview: A Cenetista talks on the beginnings of the Spanish anarchists’ trade union
Reportage: The Zapatistas are under attackIn focus: Proudon, the first anarchist
Radical Reprint: Proudhon vs Leroux
Analysis: Kropotkin’s social revolution
Analysis: Willis’s “history of historians”
Review: Pistoleros! one and two
Hob’s Choice: The newest pamphlets
Review: Lenny Flank and Marxism
Review: Dave Douglass – the trilogy


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