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Active reprint of this interesting text

In our hearts we all know the world will not be ‘saved’. Can active disillusionment be liberatory?

What possibilities for liberty and wilderness might be closed, or opened up, by unstoppable climate change, increasing surveillance and the expansion and contraction of civilisation?

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A new print of the original UK text from ca 2010 that was described thus… A text that plays significantly on the invisible committee’s concept of desert and also desertion, this is a gloves-off assault on optimism and the hope of saving the world. It asks the question “what does it mean to be an anarchist, or an environmentalist, when the goal is no longer working toward a global revolution and social/ecological sustainability?” In some ways, this is the equivalent of Nihilist Communism for a green anarchist audience. Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-909798-72-4  Cover Price £4

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