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Doomed to be named


A battle against language, by Sascha Engel

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A philosophical rant in the nature of Enemy Combatant, on how language enslaves us.

“As an ‘individualist anarchist’ in the society of this seconddecade of the 21st century, I am a nearly inconceivable entity.

Too monstrous are the threats, too overbearing the so-called necessities of society. How is a true individualist outlook to
develop when I am everywhere squeezed by the resurgence of moral and religious tyranny, by rising ecofascism and the
smothering bureaucracies of ‘social democracy’? By pandemic response teams on the one side, conspiracy loonies on
the other? And yet these are not even the most pernicious obstacles to true individualism. There remain two far more
dangerous problems.”

From new author Sascha Engel. Enjoy!

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