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Ex Masculus


Critical Reflections on Pro-Feminist Men’s Groups

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This zine is a compilation of voices speaking to the idea of “pro-feminist men’s work”, what it is, why we need it and how-to-do-it. The writing in this zine comes from a myriad of persons including queer, trans*, women and men. We hope that it will act as a springboard; a place for ideas, perspectives, critical thoughts, successes and failures, and ultimately as a resource for engaging on various fronts to deconstruct and challenge patriarchy in the world and in our  lives. We as editors also hope that this is the first in a series of gathered writings on the  intricacies and varying voices on the “how to’s” of smashing patriarchy.We imagine this as an addition to  the potential unlimited amount of writing that delves into the fronts and strategies we engage in and work with to end the reign of heteropatriachy, and sexual and gendered violence.

♫’s review: Love it. Some glorious writing, mixed up with some decent stuff too. The sections on accountability processes is great. This needs to be given out to so many people that roll in alt-circles. Especially read & PAY ATTENTION to Anna Vo & Lundy Bancroft’s contributions.

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