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Failure to Thrive


on bodies, care and the pursuit of health in a world that damages

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This world is one that wears down our bodies and spirits. It does this through too much work, or anxiety-producing precarity, or the poisonous products and byproducts of industry, or through any number of means resulting from a world that is constructed around value production and accumulation. Even for those of relative wealth, the labor of reproducing life in the contemporary world is also the labor of being worn out by it. It has been stated that sickness and depression are, in many ways, the most honest responses to the world as it is.
What does “health” mean in this context? How can we reconcile the impossibility of our physical involvement in this world with the desire to embody worlds of our own making?

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A pamphlet on health and daily choices, out of Olympia, WA

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