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Filing the dentures of the critics


Black Seed writings on some eco-extremist groups, from issue 5.

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Two essays from Black Seed, still–after many years–the most cogent criticism of eco-extremism, from one of the publications that was tarred with all the inaccurate brushes. One by Bellamy Fitzgerald, the other by John Jacobi, both are more articulate, more reasoned, and more accurate, than any of the specious so-called pirates, or half-assed complainers of, for example, IGD.

Still salty after all these years? Yea, and frustrated that we didn’t make these a pamphlet years ago when it was more relevant. Oh well. Here they are now! Enjoy!

On the other hand, it’s possible that there have been better critiques than those old ones, that we haven’t heard yet–in which case, let us know!

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