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Kennington Park


Birthplace of People’s Democracy. By Stefan Szczelkun.

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 Just 150 years ago Kennington Common, later to be renamed Kennington Park, was host to a historic gathering which can now be seen as the birth of modern British democracy. In reaction to this gathering, the great Chartist rally of 10th April 1848, the common was forcibly enclosed and the Victorian Park was built to occupy the site. Fascinating Information and Stunning Revelations Including: Public Executions • A Radical Black Methodist • The World’s First National Labour Movement • The Chartists • The Significance of 10th April 1848 • The World’s First Photograph of a Crowd • The Occupation of Our Common by the Royal Park • The Horns Tavern and Charlie Chaplin • The Princess of Wales Theatre • The Scandal of the Unmarked War Grave • The Squatters • ‘Red Ted’ • The Return of the Commons Spirit.

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