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Rent an injustice


by I.R. Ybarra. Enemy Combatant pamphlet

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A reprint by Enemy Combatant from The Match!

This piece delivers a darkly hilarious meditation on this ever-present relationship in our world. Rent is a direct or indirect hostility that all but the most vagabondish or lucky among us must confront, and one that the author argues, negatively impacts both renter and landlord (with a lack of pity for the latter). The piece opens,
Renting, the collection of rents, the relation of landlords and tenants are, respectively, among the most humiliating, vicious, and deplorable interactions that the human race, to its sorrow has devised. Landlordism provokes unhappiness everywhere, and yet this shameful abuse pervades society unabated.
Because the reprint edition we acquired was beautifully typeset, we decided we could do no btter and thus semi-faithfully reproduced the 2003 Book of the Dead edition. The caustic humor well known to readers of The Match! is here in full force.

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