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Return Of The Cake Scoffer by Ronny


Part II of the Cake Scoffer. Another 25 recipes to tempt your taste buds. Try Berry Ginger Cheesecake, or Vanilla Pecan Parcels.

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Chef Ronny, an experienced caterer and Britain’s number one vegan cake engineer, returns with her squad of cartoon animals for number four in a scofftastic series. Includes Bakewell slice, vanilla pecan parcels, chocolate eclairs, rum ‘n’ raisin sponge pudding (and several variations), French apple pie, foxy brownies, 6 kinds of truffles, chocolate mousse, Paddington chocolate orange layered sponge cake, berry ginger cheesecake, cornflake cakes, chocolate fudge cake, tiffin (chocolate fridge cake), toffee apples, Crunchy bars (chocolate cinder toffee), carrot and orange cake, date and walnut cake, date slice, apricot cinnamon slice, white chocolate carrot cake, banana toffee flapjacks choc chip and coconut flapjacks, apple flapjacks, plum and ginger flapjacks. Useful UK/UK conversion table and gas mark/centigrade/fahrenheit conversions. Plus cute cartoons of your favourite animal chefs.

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