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See Sharp Pamphlet Bundle


5 pamphlets by See Sharp Press for £4 – grab a bargain!

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Either pick or get a random selection of pamphlets from See Sharp Press, ‘the finest in rabble rousing reading since 1984’.

* The social monster – a paper on communism and anarchism, and The Beast of Property, the curse of the world which defeats the people’s emancipation, two essays by Johann Most

* You call this freedom? by Chaz Bufe

*Confessions of a drone, by Joseph Medill Patterson

* Thumbscrew & Rack by George MacDonald

* Science, society &religion and The Rule of threes by Yves Barbero

* Horrors of the Inquisition, by Joseph McCabe

* The Heretics Guide to the Bible, edited by Chaz Bufe

* The Relevance of anarchism to modern society by Sam Dolgoff

* A future worth living, by Chaz Bufe

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