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The Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism



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Ed Mead is a revolutionary, queer, godless commie and ex-political prisoner who went to jail for his part in a group called “the George Jackson Brigade”, which carried out a number of bombings, bank expropriations, and a prisoner liberation….
This zine tells the story of Men Against Sexism (MAS), an inspiring group of fierce queers and trannies who organized themselves to oppose the culture of rape and sex slavery within the Walla Walla prison. MAS’s formation and success came from a place of strength, using force and the threat of violence to defend themselves and other queers, gender-variant and trans prisoners from a pervading rape culture.
 -from the introduction by the Fierce N’ Fabulous Krew

This pamphlet is a story of how people resist from the inside of prison. It is inspirational on multiple fronts, and should be required reading for anyone who is interested in prisoner support, or who knows or might at some point know, someone in prison. Recommended.

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