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The Buenos Aires Tragedy


The Buenos Aires Tragedy, 29 January-2 February 1931 : The Last Fight of Severino di Giovanni and Paulo Scarfó by Scarfó, América.  Kate Sharpley Library: 2004. 35 pages, illustrated. Translated by Paul Sharkey.

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No discussion of Italian Anarchism, the movement in Argentina or illegalism can pass over Severino di Giovanni and his comrades in silence. With both written propaganda and acts of violence they attacked fascism, the framing of Sacco and Vanzetti, the dictatorship and the entire capitalist order. Their uncompromising revolt led them into conflict with other anarchists — and to a final, fatal showdown with the state that they defied. This pamphlet is a tribute originally published in L’Adunata dei refrattari, drawing on letters from comrades in Argentina who had escaped the final repression. A letter from América Scarfó — lover of Severino, sister of Paulo and comrade of both — is also included.

a historical gem of the Latin American anarchist movement” – Jay Kerr in the Latin American Review of Books.

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