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Voices of Resistance


Prisoner writings from Palestine, Ireland, Morocco and England, Zine, Bristol 2023

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This zine emerged from a workshop held in Bristol by the Palestinian Youth Movement, Bristol Anti-Repression Campaign, and Palestine Action to commemorate April 17th, Palestinian Prisoners Day.
Prison acts as a primary source of violence across the entire world, a weapon of colonialism, capitalism, racism and gendered violence. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this fact, prison has also become a site of ferocious struggle and resistance in the name of freedom and justice. For the Palestinian movement, the prisoners are “the compass of the struggle”, and we wanted to bring them to the front – the lives, struggles and resistance of those behind bars. Not merely as a gesture of solidarity, but to learn from, be inspired and led by, and to ground ourselves in the reality of the resistance taking places across the globe which prisoners are at the heart of.

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