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Autonomous resistance to slavery and colonization


Two essays by Russell Maroon Shoatz
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Russell Maroon Shoatz is a veteran of the Black Liberation movement serving sentences for an attack on a police station in Philadelphia in 1970. These two essays, “The real resistance to slavery in North America” and “The Dragon and the Hydra: a historical study of organizational methods” are valuable for our endeavours because they break out of the white workerist histories in which anarchy is too often confined, and tell stories of the multiracial Maroon communes of the American swamps and other territories in the colonised world.
These reprints recognise the insurrectionary nature of what Shoats documents, and as the introduction says, “hope that reading these tales will encourage white anarchists to more thoroughly investigate the historical sagas of autonomous, decentralised revolts of those who are too often left out of our understandings of the past, as well as questioning ways that we can attack the racial order that still holds so many in chains.”

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