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Between Oceans, Forests, and Volcanoes


The radical Mapuche struggle. Ungrateful Hyena Editions 2023

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The Radical Mapuche Struggle.
In the territories home to the Mapuche communicties – whose lands have been seized by capitalist investors, disfigured by loggers, ravaged by energy companies, polluted by industrialists, and colonized by accomplices of the Chilean state – the last few decades have been marked by unrelenting struggle.

The radical Mapuche struggle inspires us for its continuity, for its categorical rejection of all state interference, for its relentless fight against exploitation and capitalist plundering, and for its choice of direct action against extractivism and the devastation of of the land and the living.

This collection gathers texts from the Mapuche resistance in the territories under the domination of the Chilean state. Preceded by a historical analysis of the radical Mapuche struggle, these texts cover 2021-2022.

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