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Down with the Prison Walls


DOWN WITH THE PRISON WALLS! – A talk by Laudelino Iglesias Martinez

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Laudelino Iglesias Martinez left prison on the 9th of August 2004 after spending more than 23 years in Spanish cells. He is one of the well-known social rebels and anarchists imprisoned in Spain, participating in the revolutionary organisation of prisoners who were refused amnesty by the state after the death of Franco, and continuing to struggle against isolation and against the many abuses of a brutal incarceration system. Laudelino spent many years suffering at the hands of fascist screws in the infamous FIES units but never stopped  fighting.In autumn 2005 Laude began a European tour to spread information about past and current resistance to the repressive state apparatus that is the penal system, and to encourage solidarity with the many free and strong individuals who are currently behind bars.This short pamphlet is a transcript of a talk he gave at Bradford 1in 12 Club in October 2005 where he was accompanied by an activist from the Spanish prisoner support group Salhateka.

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