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The Bloomsbury Companion to Anarchism Ed Ruth Kinna


The Bloomsbury Companion to Anarchism is a comprehensive reference work to support research in anarchism.

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The book considers the different approaches to anarchism as an ideology and explains the development of anarchist studies from the early twentieth century to the present day. It is unique in that it highlights the relationship between theory and practice, pays special attention to methodology, presents non-English works, key terms and concepts, and discusses new directions for the field. Focusing on the contemporary movement, the work outlines significant shifts in the study of anarchist ideas and explores recent debates.

The Companion will appeal to scholars in this growing field, whether they are interested in the general study of anarchism or in more specific areas. Featuring the work of key scholars, The Bloomsbury Companion to Anarchism will be an essential tool for both the scholar and the activist.



Table Of Contents

Part 1: Research on Anarchism
Ruth Kinna, Introduction
Approaches to anarchist research
Saul Newman, Research methods and problems: Postanarchism
Benjamin Franks, Anarchism and analytic philosophy
Allan Antliff, Anarchism and Art History: Methodologies of Insurrection
Uri Gordon, Participant Observation
Alex Prichard, Anarchy, Anarchism and International Relations
Current research in anarchist studies
Carissa Honeywell, Anarchism old and new
Jonathan Purkis, The hitchhiker as theorist: Re-thinking sociology and anthropology from an anarchist perspective
Sandra Jeppesen Holly Nazar, Genders and sexualities in anarchist movements
David Goodway, Literature and anarchism
Laurence Davis, Anarchism and the future of revolution
Andy Price, Social ecology
Sara Motta, Leyendo el anarchismo a través de ojos latinoamericanos: Reading Anarchism through Latin American Eyes
Ian G. Cook & Joanne Norcup, Geographies and Urban Space
Süreyyya Evren, There Ain’t No Black in the Anarchist Flag! Race, Ethnicity and Anarchism
Ruth Kinna, Where to Now? Future Directions for anarchist research

Part 2: Materials for further Research
Key terms
Guide to bibliographical and reference works
Selective guide to non-English language sources
Bert Altena, The Low Countries
David Berry, Anarchism in France
Richard Cleminson, Anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism and the libertarian movement in Spain, Portugal and Latin America
Pietro Dipaloa, Italian anarchism
Gabriel Kuhn, The Nordic Countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Martin A. Miller, The anarchist revival in Russian historiography
John A. Rapp, Chinese works on anarchism in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), 1949-2010
Peter Seyferth and Gabriel Kuhn, Anarchist literatures in the German-speaking world
Notes on contributors

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