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Winds from below


Wind(s) from below:Radical Community Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible

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In Wind(s) from below: Radical Community Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible, we address current organizing in the U.S. in context of the class decomposition of recent decades. Following the years of fire we find ourselves circulating through winds and whirlwinds, which are struggling to intensify and connect amongst historically-specific forms of repression, infusion and capitulation. Through an inquiry into and analysis of contemporary social struggles, we argue that the social field is populated with a rich set of organizational possibilities, all of which are potential and becoming. We argue for a renewed emphasis on radical community organizing that challenges the non-profit industrial complex, the self-imposed limitations of activist identity, professionalized organizing, the limitations of the Alinsky model and urban-centrism. In their place we seek to amplify struggles that form through the substance of our own lives and our own reproduction, continuing into creating concrete mechanisms and procedures, and ending with the importance of becoming-other and becoming-revolutionary to build movements. It is through these movements that we build a new world, one in which many worlds fit.

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