Contact us by email at

Contact us by email at

Welcome (back) to the Active webshop.

We've been at this malarky for over 25 years! We're still fiercely DIY and Not for Profit, please remember that when ordering, we aren't professionals, we don't promise to send stuff out the next day or even within a few days but our regular customers know we are usually pretty quick!


 Active is currently a one person affair and he is very busy (doing stalls at weekends, wage slavery, etc) so mail order and email responses are slower than usual, apologies...... Jon active


Postage Pains

The UK Post Office has increased its rates and added size to the equation. This makes judging how much you need to pay us for shipping a lot more difficult. So as with overseas shipping try the courier option it might well be cheaper and if you think it's too much email us before paying and we'll check the exact amount. But ineffect sometimes we unintentionally charge too much and other times too little, if you can live with that lottery so will we for now! If we notice you have been overcharged enough we will add "Signed For" service to your order or use a courier.