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Welcome (back) to the Active webshop.

We've been at this malarky for over 25 years! We're still fiercely DIY and Not for Profit, please consider that when ordering, we aren't professionals, we don't promise to send stuff out the next day or even within a few days ('we' are currently one person!) but our regular customers know we are usually pretty quick! For the social media types we twit, and also worse still  


We have entered Anarchist Bookfair season which means we will be away a lot (Bristol next weekend) and so orders will be delayed, apologies! Why not come to a bookfair and complain to us! 

We are still working on the website , so please be aware it will open and close depending on our fiddling and checking it. Orders will be done next week, sorry for delays.


We have finally upgraded the webshop
we think its all working ok
but please let us know if you come across any problems.
cheers Jon


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  • NGO Sector
  • Dining with Vultures
NGO Sector
NGO's the Trojan horse of capitalism by Crn Blok
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Dining with Vultures
Bristol lAnarchists and the UK Media
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Women, Witchunts, and the Reproduction of the Capitalist World
a conversation with Silvia Frederici
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Short Circuit
Short Circuit: Towards an Anarchist Approach to Gentrification
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Malevolent Europe
Regarding refugee oppression and resistance at the borders
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Kano Sp(i)auda, On Space
Counter culture and Anti-authoritarian Politics zine
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STIR *13, Spring 2016
The Imaginal Economy, The Peoples's Railway, Rewinding School,...
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Maximum Rocknroll *396 May 2016
The Zines Issue. Featuring: Ohio’s Cretins of Distortion, New York...
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Wat Tyler, The Fat of the Band ... Cassette Tape
Classic anarcho punk comedy band lp on tape! Released a long time ago!
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Meat Market by Laurie Penny
Female flesh under capitalism . A feminist dissection of women's bodies...
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The Fakir of Florence
 A novel in three layers by Paul Cudenec
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Calais, Calais by Ami Non
A hand made pocket book about activism and experiences around the Calais...
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Translating Anarchy
The Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street  An insider's account of the...
Read more
Cyber Disobedience Re://Presenting Online Anarchy
Few activities have captured the contemporary popular imagination as...
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Physical Resistance by Dave Hann
A Hundred Years of Anti-Fascism, An activists’ history of the collective...
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The Letters of Joe Hill
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The Feminist Utopia Project
Fifty-Seven Visions of a Wildly Better Future, Edited by Alexandra...
Read more
Strike! Magazine *15 March-April 2016
The new issue of Strike! enters a weird phase!
Read more
The Forgotten War Crimes
State Sovereignty, Ethnic Cleansing and the Autonomist Revolution, by...
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Space Invasion zine
This zine is a collection of topics related to space and feminism. It...
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