Contact us by email at

Contact us by email at

  • Welcome - back!- to the Active Distribution webshop.
  • We've been at this malarky for about 30 years! We're still fiercely DIY and Not for Profit, please consider that when ordering, we aren't professionals, we don't promise to send stuff out the next day or even within a few days ('we' are currently one person when it comes to mail order!) but our regular customers know we are usually pretty quick! For the social media types we (others) do twit, and also worse still   
  • Please note due to the exchange rates and shipping costs all going bad for us since the racists won the Brexit referendum in the UK we have had to increase some of our prices. This will have an ongoing effect and I'm afraid prices will go up. But you lucky folks living outside this blighted country can now take advantage of the weak value of the UK £ !!! Ecofuckinomics ugh!
  • We are still working on the website, we are aware it is not perfect and occasionally sends you error messages when there is no error!. There are a lot of images missing and others fucking up, its quite amusing how the featured items section below keeps rearranging itself so badly! One day we'll find a website expert who can help us with out having to pay a fortune we can't afford! Do you know anyone? Till then embrace our amateurish cyber style and remember it's the ideas that matter not what they look like online! 

I will be away till the 23rd Sept organising my escape plan! So please don't expect mailorder or anything else from me until after then! Apologies Jon active


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